App Idea

So for the class that this blog is for I had to think of an app I could make that would be relevant to my blog topic… Anime.

So I thought of something that even I would use.

Photo by Cole Gallian

Photo by Cole Gallian

Beyond the customizable home page, the general premise of the app would be to keep a list similar to that of the on Where you could rate and keep track of anime you are watching, have watched, stopped watching, etc.

Photo by Cole Gallian

Photo by Cole Gallian

But why stop there. The app would also have a calendar. You could set the calendar to look for simulcast dates, dvd releases, and new season premieres.

A shop would be included with access to the, itunes shop, funimation store, viz media store, or anywhere else that anime can be purchased digitally or in physical form.

There would also be a forum to discuss the various shows and anime news.

Speaking of anime news, an rss feed would be set up to give custom information regarding licenses, con info, and anime news.


One response to “App Idea

  1. I have to admit that I don’t know much about anime, but this app idea sounds pretty neat. If I did follow anime I would probably use your app. Its a good idea to put purchasing tools in the same app as a calendar. People don’t have to worry about checking their calendar and then going to another site to purchase. Good job.

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